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I was raised by a doctor mom

My mom went to medical school at age 37, and I was nine. As a mother myself now, many people have asked me if having a family and pursuing medicine are incompatible. I’ll tell you this: I was raised by a woman who taught me that both are possible.

During her medical training (like most of us), my mom faced feelings of inadequacy: 

Was she neglecting her three children and her husband? 

Was she spending enough time studying? 

Would her children resent her choice one day?

The truth is, my mother’s career demanded a lot from her. There were nights where she started studying after putting us kids to bed. Her residency work hours sometimes meant missing events in my life.

But I also witnessed her grow and succeed in a professional role. I watched my dad take on new roles in our home, and I learned to be fiercely independent at a young age. The example she set changed my perspective on what I thought was possible for me, and I never doubted her love.

Young girls need role models. They need to see that no dream is out of reach.

What we witness is often what we can envision for our own lives. 

My mom showed me that I could have a professional career and a family. It wouldn’t come without sacrifice, but it could be deeply meaningful.


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