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The Vater Group

The Vater Group, LLC, is the business arm of the consulting services provided by Laura Vater, MD, MPH and Kevin Vater, MBA.

Dr. Laura Vater, Chief Executive Officer of the Vater Group LLC, is an oncologist who specializes in gastrointestinal oncology. She is one of the most followed oncologists on Instagram and in addition to the services that she provides as an oncologist, she is passionate about wellness for clinicians. Through this passion she created the SMILE Scale™ which is a self-check-in tool to help clinicians prioritize their health. While the SMILE Scale™ was created as a tool for healthcare professionals the tenants can be used across all industries.

Kevin Vater, Chief Financial Officer of the Vater Group LLC, has a wealth of financial knowledge and experience. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a major in Finance, and returned to the University of Notre Dame for an MBA with a concentration in Data Analytics.

Kevin has worked at PNC Bank as an investment banking analyst in the Asset Backed Securities department with a focus on trade and fleet receivables. After leaving PNC, Kevin worked for Indiana University Health across a variety of groups including Revenue Cycle Services, Data Analytics, and Finance. Most recently he served as Finance Director of three hospitals, of which he oversaw the budgeting, financial reporting, forecasting, pro-forma analysis, and compensation plans of the region for physician revenue and expenses which included approximately 300 physicians.

The Vater Group LLC provides a number of consulting-based services which includes but is not limited to:

- Wellness discussions using the SMILE Scale™ for healthcare professionals

- Wellness discussions using the SMILE Scale™ for all industry professionals

- Motivational discussions to help improve employee morale for all industries

- Keynote speaking for management and company retreats

- Small and large group discussions for medical students, residents, fellows, and attending physicians

- One-on-one mentoring

- Commencement speaking

- Management consulting services using a special blend of experiences gained through financial and medical lens to help healthcare companies balance both physician expectations and financial burdens

Paid partnerships and promotions with other companies are available based on a review of the company's brand as well as an assessment of the services and products offered. 

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities above, or if you have questions about other services, please reach out to

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