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Keynote at the University of Minnesota Medical School Commencement Address

St. Paul, Minnesota

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Keynote Speeches

To be healthier, we don't need more information. We need a system. This keynote provides a simple strategy to prioritize physical and mental health. Target audience: general, non-medical population. 


  • Discuss the science behind five key components of healthy living, including sleep, exercise, meditation, connection, and nutrition

  • Introduce a simple tool to prioritize physical and mental health, and highlight how living healthier improves energy, mood, and productivity

  • Encourage audience self-assessment of their health in each category and provide tangible strategies to improve each area

Cultivating Compassion In Medicine

Cultivating Compassion.jpg

Showing compassion is not only essential for the patients we serve, it is also protective for clinicians. In this talk, medical trainees will: 


  • Learn why compassion matters

  • Build skills to communicate with intention and clarity

  • Discuss the social determinants of health and how these factors lead to health disparities  

  • Understand how social justice and humanism in medicine are intertwined

Finding Joy and Meaning in Medicine

Joy and Meaning.PNG

There are many challenges clinicians face in medical training and practice, and one in five clinicians plan to leave medicine within the next few years. 

This talk includes journaling prompts and tangible strategies to help rediscover joy and meaning within a medical career.

Medical Errors and Self-Compassion

Medial Mistakes and Self Compassion.PNG

"You can't go through training without making an error unless you are not taking care of patients," said Dr. Colin West in a New York Times article. In this session, we'll discuss factors that contribute to medical errors, the mental health implications for clinicians, and a strategy to learn from these mistakes and move forward. 


Group sharing, journaling prompts, and a guided practice to enhance self-compassion are optional components of this talk.  


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